Preguntas frecuentes

  • Can I make an appointment at the Medical Center using my private health cover?

    Yes, Olympia Medical Center has agreements with some insurance companies and specific groups. We recommend contacting your insurer to check your coverage. You can also contact us on 900 605 055 if you would like us to check for you.

  • Can I make appointments at the Sport Center and Lifestyle Center using my private health cover?

    No, Sport Center and Lifestyle Center services are private, which means the customer must make full payment for all services used. You can contact us toll free on 900 605 055 or 914 101 200, or fill out the ‘Contact’ form to let us know your health goals, so we can advise you on the services we offer.

  • How can I know the price of a consultation at Sport Center and Lifestyle Center?

    You can contact us toll free on 900 605 055 or 914 101 200 and get advice on the different services and their prices. You can click on ‘We’ll call you’ on the website. You can also call to make an appointment with a specialist.

  • I have read about a programme I am interested in. How much do they cost? Can I sign up on the web or by phone?

    No, you cannot sign up for a programme directly since they require an initial consultation with a health specialist, who will draw up a personalised prescription in line with your individual needs and goals. After this initial consultation, the specialist will prescribe a tailor-made programme. A health assistant will draw up a quote for the different options, so you can adjust it in line with your availability and financial investment.

  • How can I get advice on which Sport and Lifestyle Center services are right for me?

    You can make a free appointment with a personal health assistant to advise you on the services best suited to your needs and/or goals. You can call us toll free on 900 605 055 or 914 101 200 or you can enter your interests and goals in the ‘Contact’ section on the website.

  • Are there payment facilities for private services?

    Yes, at Olympia we want to promote preventive and healthcare services. That is why we offer a range of payment methods and financing options.

  • How is the Sport Center gym different from any other gym I might join?

    Olympia Sport Center gym is for people wishing to carry out physical activity in a controlled manner, under the guidance of a professional. You can therefore sign up for a guided training programme personalised in line with your goals and condition. We will be there with you so you can be the best version of yourself, whatever your situation: whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, or are starting physical activity for the first time.

  • What is Olympia, and how is it different from other medical centers?

    Olympia is a medical-surgical day center where we attend to your health needs in both diagnosis and treatment, including major and minor surgery with outpatient techniques that will get you back to your day-to-day life as quickly as possible. It differs from other centers in that, apart from providing diagnosis and treatment services with renowned medical staff and ultramodern technology, we offer personalised preventive care services and precision optimisation to ensure you can be the best version of yourself. All this on a single site, Torre Caleido in MadridThis link opens in a popup window, meaning you do not have to travel to different locations or leave your home city for treatment.

  • What tests can I have at Olympia, in addition to specialist medical consultations?

    Olympia has a laboratory for clinical analysis, as well as a radiodiagnostic imaging unit, including a 3 Tesla resonance. Sport Center and Lifestyle also have the latest technologies for complete diagnosis and assessment by our professionals. You can use the form in the ‘Contact’ section of the website to let us know your goals and interests, or call us on 900 605 055 or 914 101 200.

  • I live outside Madrid, do you have facilities for people living outside Madrid and/or Spain?

    Yes, at Olympia we offer healthcare for everyone, whether they live in Madrid or not. We have specific services for people living outside Madrid who have a few hours to spend in the city, or for international users wishing to stay overnight in Madrid and use their trip to have a checkup, a second medical opinion, or treatment at Olympia. If you are interested in these services, you can call us toll free on 900 605 055 or 914 101 200, or enter your goals and interests in the ‘Contact’ form on the website, and we will report back to you with specific services for non-residents.

  • What medical specialities are available at Olympia?

    The Medical Center’s medical specialities can be seen here.

  • How old do I have to be to use Olympia’s services?

    The service is for adults (18 and over), although minors may also be attended to when accompanied by their legal guardians.

  • How old do I have to be to start a preventive care and longevity programme?

    The earlier you start using preventive services, the better. At Olympia we tailor and prescribe only those services best suited to each person, taking into account their age and condition.