Women’s Health, Olympia’s exclusive gynaecology service

A comprehensive new concept of woman-centred health for all life stages. Both for healthy women and for women with pathologies.

This is Women’s Health, the new gynaecology unit in Olympia Lifestyle Center. An innovative form of medicine that encompasses biological, psychological, sexological, nutritional and relational factors.

Women’s Health is headed up by Doctors Ricardo Sainz de la Cuesta, Gema García Gálvez, Antonio Gozálvez Vega, Alexandra Henríquez and Nuria Martín Fernández, renowned gynaecologists, experts in pelvic floor pathology and medical sexology, and specialists in fertility and assisted reproduction, as well as breast pathology.

Together, they form a multidisciplinary medical team providing a series of specific services with a biopsychosocial approach to women’s health. Hormone optimisation unit; fertility unit with different reproductive treatments; medical sexology and intimate aesthetics unit; treatment unit for women with headaches, fibromyalgia, recurrent infections, menopause; a unit to accompany cancer patients, etc.

Women’s Health works alongside other services in Olympia Lifestyle Center (such as the Preventive Care, Longevity and Holistic Medicine Unit, Nutrition, the Rest Management Unit, Psychology), as well as services in the Physiotherapy Sport Center, specifically for the pelvic floor and personal training.

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