Lifestyle Center, personalised, precision lifestyle medicine

Made up of highly qualified, nationally and internationally renowned professionals, Lifestyle is a medical center focused on preventive care, longevity and chronic treatment for patients based on an interdisciplinary, functional approach with a view to helping them achieve sustainable health.

Formed by internists, gynaecologists, urologists, dermatologists specialising in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, neurologists, cardiologists and vascular surgeons. It has units specialising in longevity for natural, healthy, sustainable ageing, preventing neuro-cardiovascular risk and cancer, and general and interdisciplinary medicine. Men’s Health, seeking hormonal optimisation and delaying the onset of age-related symptoms. Women’s Health, specialising in improving women’s fertility, treating chronic pathologies, pregnancy and postpartum follow-up and hormonal optimisation, and the Facial, Body and Maxillo-Dental Aesthetics Unit, among others, for preventing Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Also noteworthy is the unit for treating and improving patients with chronic pathology, studying and addressing each of the factors that affect the person and his or her disease. Aimed at patients who need a second opinion, and patients with any health alteration: multiple pathologies, multiple medications, persistent headaches, chronic digestive disorders, recurrent infections, etc.

The multidisciplinary Nutrition, Rest Management and High Performance Psychology & Wellness units round off the innovative range of services offered.